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The Photography Business changes often.  Technology steps up its game and we have to keep up with technology.  Staying on track with the latest techniques and styles takes a photographer dedicated to creating the best experience possible for their customers and who is willing to invest into their art and creativity.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your senior.  The experience deserves to be in the experienced hands of someone who stays ahead of all of that?  Your child deserves much better than just good enough.

Photogesture may not be for everyone.  It is for people who want their photos taken using unmatched skills and techniques by the business with their reputation on the line.  It’s for our clients who want their photos to pop!   This is because of the attention to detail we have when it comes to posing, lighting and editing.  It’s for parents who want their senior’s personality captured at a milestone time in their life.  You can have timeless portraiture to hang on the wall for their own children to see.  It’s for wedding couples who want their photos to stand out.  We can provide this to you.  It is our passion and professionalism.

Got Fashion?

In addition to Senior Portraits and Wedding Photography, I enjoy Fashion-Editorial, live events and numerous other styles of photography.
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Senior Portraits - Wedding Photography - Fashion - And Then Some!

Client Testimonials

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Meri Douglas Blair
Greg is the absolute best!! He is not only a great friend, but a wonderful photographer!! He works with you & asks you for your input on everything. He is very laid back, but does a very professional job!! He is beyond well prepared, as well!! Top notch!!
Lacy Ford Collums
Greg is a great photographer, especially with outdoor photos. He works wonders with natural light. Greg also has great patience and works really well with kids.
Carmen Lynn Shultz
Greg is an amazing photographer!! I knew he would get the special moments of our wedding, the little things are what I treasure. He did that and much more-
Cyndie Downs
Always heard about the exceptional photography, after viewing this page i have to agree 100%. Awesome work, and I got to see some work that was done for some of my friends; i can see why you're spoken so highly of. Great work!

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