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Greg is an amazing photographer!! I knew he would get the special moments of our wedding, the little things are what I treasure. He did that and much more-
Carmen Lynn Schultz
Always heard about the exceptional photography, after viewing this page i have to agree 100%. Awesome work, and I got to see some work that was done for some of my friends; i can see why you’re spoken so highly of. Great work!
Cyndie Downs:
Greg is a great photographer, especially with outdoor photos. He works wonders with natural light. Greg also has great patience and works really well with kids.
Lacy Ford Collums


In Reference to TF Shoots
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Time for CD, Trade for prints or however you read the acronyms are very common. They generally take place when both parties will benefit from the shoot. Some photographers don't trade. It's how people keep equipment up to date......

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Why So Expensive?
Date: 16 Apr 2015
In this digital age where everyone has digital cameras, scanners and home "photo printers", when people upload their photos to a local drug store website and pick them up a few hours later, we hear this all the time. The fact......

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New Additions, Old Articles, etc
Date: 16 Apr 2015
I had to edit the database from my old site.  Some of the things you see on here may be dated a bit and/or incomplete.  I tend to work on my web site as time permits, but just not ever completing it. :)  There are some......

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“Art” and a definition
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Someone I worked with asked me to put something in writing relating to my own definition of art. So this is mine and I wouldn't expect everyone to share the same views or outlook on art. Everyone has their own definition......

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Photography “Contests” or a Leech Fest?
Date: 16 Apr 2015
So I was on Facebook (if you can imagine that). I see a post that makes reference to a photography contest. With me seeing so many of them that were fakes I went to the page to see what it was about. At first it looked legitimate. I......

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Yes, you can spend too little for a good photographer
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Believe me, I DO know why some people think hiring a professional photographer for their wedding isn't necessary. After all, the wedding couple doesn't want "all that much" and they're having a "small wedding with 6 people......

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