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We are in the progress of completely going over the web site (again). I guess you’ve seen this before.

I want to let everyone know friends, viewers and the like that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth (yet). I’ve spent the better part of a year working on projects with my muse and still have a few things planned that I hope we can finish. I have put modeling shoots on the back burner for the most part unless it has been discussed previously. I am anxiously waiting on something to come back around, patiently as possible. This should be in another month or less hopefully.

I appreciate everyone’s support and interest in working with me as always.

In the meanwhile, I am still booking weddings and the like. Please click on CONTACT and leave a message. I will reply ASAP.

Thank you!



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Greg is an amazing photographer!! I knew he would get the special moments of our wedding, the little things are what I treasure. He did that and much more-
Carmen Lynn Schultz
Always heard about the exceptional photography, after viewing this page i have to agree 100%. Awesome work, and I got to see some work that was done for some of my friends; i can see why you’re spoken so highly of. Great work!
Cyndie Downs:
Greg is a great photographer, especially with outdoor photos. He works wonders with natural light. Greg also has great patience and works really well with kids.
Lacy Ford Collums


Why So Expensive?
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Why are photographers so expensive? In this digital age where everyone has digital cameras, scanners and home "photo printers", when people upload their photos to a local drug store website and pick them up a few hours......

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“Art” and a definition
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Someone I worked with asked me to put something in writing relating to my own definition of art. So this is mine and I wouldn't expect everyone to share the same views or outlook on art. Everyone has their own definition......

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Photography “Contest” or a Leech Fest?
Date: 16 Apr 2015
So I was on Facebook (if you can imagine that). I see a post that makes reference to a photography contest. With me seeing so many of them that were fakes I went to the page to see what it was about. At first it looked legitimate. I......

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Yes, you can spend too little for a good photographer
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Believe me, I DO know why some people think hiring a professional photographer for their wedding isn't necessary. After all, the wedding couple doesn't want "all that much" and they're having a "small wedding with 6 people......

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Something to Begin With…Glamour photographer?
Date: 16 Apr 2015
(Posted May 2010) I recently discovered that I have achieved the status of a Glamor Photographer.  I'm not sure whether that's a completely bad thing. When most of your models come from the same place, know each other,......

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Mindi Stoots
Date: 16 Apr 2015
Eight or nine years ago I was working with some guys who play some good tunes. Along the way, a girlfriend of one of the guys added me on Myspace. That's where the story begins with Mindi. Mindi and I hung out at the shows......

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