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We are a world class team, rebuilding this web site yet again!

I acted on impulse again today and did almost a complete overhaul on my site.  It looks like it is getting more action already!  I’ve got a few more things to implement such as eCommerce and private albums.  Stay tuned and I’ll have this place going again soon!

I am about to begin a gallery overhaul as well.  That is the biggest reason I changed the theme of the web site.  They will be separated when I am finished with them.

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And so as it usually occurs, the beginning of the year is rather slow, partly by choice.  This year I had a lot that I had worked for and wanted to finalize but it didn’t happen the way I wanted, not by any fault of my own.  I have a trip to take then it is game on again as usual.  I hope to tie up some loose ends and get my train of thought back together.  I appreciate the patience while I get the web site back in action as well.  I have a lot planned!


We have had the privilege of working with some outstanding models!


We have had some spectacular fashion shoots!


There is almost never a shortage of  bikini models!

Are you searching for a wedding photographer?

Greg Cobb has been doing wedding photography for years and has had his work published.  He puts a lot of meticulous detail and planning into each of them, factoring in a plan B for anything that could possibly go wrong, regardless of the chances.  The philosophies are simple; If the wrong photographer doesn’t do a spectacular job for you, he can’t re-shoot the wedding the following week, and not ever person who can shoot senior pictures can do the same with a wedding.  The differences are numerous.  Make your decision carefully.  For most couples, this is a once in a life time event.

Do it right the first time!

Wedding Photography

A testimony on why cutting corners on a wedding photographer isn’t a good idea!

So a wedding client that got referred to me ask for a quote and they couldn’t afford it. They went with the cheaper photographer. I was fine with that as I was rather busy and heavily booked during these few months anyways.

 Now they just received their photos from their photographer and came back to me asking me to fix their low res jpeg photos because they are underexpose,noisy and orange. And they are wondering if I can make them look like my images with PS.

 I told them they need to get them fix through the photographer that took them if that’s even possible. Unfortunately you can’t really expect that I will be able to make them look professional with just Photoshop. Basically this is a post for those that want to go the cheaper route to rethink twice because you can’t really fix it once is all over and done.

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Our Customers

  • Cydnie Downs
    Always heard about the exceptional photography, after viewing this page i have to agree 100%. Awesome work, and I got to see some work that was done for some of my friends; i can see why you're spoken so highly of. Great work!
  • Meri Douglas Blair
    5 star
    Greg is the absolute best!! He is not only a great friend, but a wonderful photographer!! He works with you & asks you for your input on everything. He is very laid back, but does a very professional job!! He is beyond well prepared, as well!! Top notch!!
  • Lacy Ford Collums
    5 star
    Greg is a great photographer, especially with outdoor photos. He works wonders with natural light. Greg also has great patience and works really well with kids.
  • Carmen Lynn Schultz
    5 star
    Greg is an amazing photographer!! I knew he would get the special moments of our wedding, the little things are what I treasure. He did that and much more-

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If you have any questions about modeling, would like to inquire about pricing, need recommendations on a Makeup Artist or have just an interest in working with me, please leave a message and I will get back with you soon.  At this point in time I am available on weekends only unless being hired for a wedding.

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